With more than thirty-five years of professional service experience, Candia Zúñiga and Associates, S.C. has joined forces in San Luis Potosí.  With widely respected professionals in a wide array of legal disciplines, through integration of innovative and avant-garde professional services, through our mission statement and company vision, and in matters of great importance to the community and in business we provide a host of services to accomodate all our client’s needs.  Holding to the simple principle: a calling for the highest quality of service, efficiency and professional ethics, all of which have earned us an institutional presence of integrity, principles and values in the heart of the country.


We have devoted ourselves to being on the cutting edge of equipment and communications technologies to match the quality of our services provided by our expert team of lawyers and attorneys.  This devotion includes seeking to offer comprehensive advice and representation of services to the needs of the community and in industry.  Much to our credit and we have proudly managed to create a team of professionals congruent to our philosophy and mission, in high demand and within an environment of familiarity and coexistence




Av. Chapultepec No.1275

Fracc. Privadas del Pedregal

San Luís Potosí, S.L.P.


Phone  (444) 811-9500/03