Granted by:



Av. Chapultepec 1275

Fraccionamiento Privadas del Pedregal, C.P. 78295

San Luis Potosí, S.L.P. Tel. 811 9500


Which is responsible for collecting your personal data, the use that is given to them and their protection.


In view of the above, your personal information will be used for internal purposes of the company, as well as for tax, labor, payroll, procedures, arrangements and negotiations before all types of authorities whether federal or local, for the provision of all kinds of services, such as advice, consultancy and supervision, related to the areas of advocacy and rights, industrial relations, corporate management of companies, immigration issues and, for all situations in which the same signatory authorizes third parties to supply the data and other activities aimed at improving the level of service provided in relation to the aforementioned matters; the data provided may be used by foreign and national subsidiaries of the company responsible and mentioned in the area, which is committed to saving and safeguarding said data.


For the purposes mentioned above, we require the following personal information:


Full name:




Civil status:


Place of birth:


Date of birth:


Company where you work:


Position held:


Average monthly income:


Seniority at work:


Previous work and seniority in it, if applicable:


R.F.C .:




Current address:




Telephone number:


Cell phone number:


Emergency contact person (name):


Emergency contact phone number:


Family data:


If you have your own vehicle or not:


Whether or not you have a driver's license:




Subject / Reason to Resolve / Process:


Contacts related to the subject to be treated:


Phone number of the contacts related to the subject to be treated:


Mailing address to receive notifications:


Type of advice or requested management:


Documents delivered for the provision of corresponding services:


Additional information that is useful for the subject you wish to discuss:


You have the right to access, rectify and cancel the authorization to use your personal data, as well as to oppose the processing thereof or revoke the consent that you have given us for this purpose, through the procedures we have implemented. To know these procedures, requirements and deadlines, you can contact our personal data department at:


Av. Chapultepec número 1275, Fraccionamiento Privadas del Pedregal C.P. 78295 San Luis Potosí, S.L.P.


The person of Contact and in charge of the treatment of the data will be the Lic. Mariana Candia Casarin, who has as an email, and / or on the website


Likewise, we inform you that your personal data can be transferred and treated inside and outside the country, by people from different areas of this society. In that sense, your information can be shared with auditors, all kinds of authorities, federal, state and municipal, subsidiaries of Candia, Zúñiga and Asociados, S.C. for legal, migratory, accounting, administrative or informative purposes. If you do not oppose the transferal of your personal data, it will be understood that you have given your consent to do so.


If you do not consent to the transfer of your personal data in the terms indicated in this privacy notice. Or, if you wish to discuss any concern or issue with your data, we reiterate that you can request it through:


Av. Chapultepec número 1275, Fraccionamiento Privadas del Pedregal C.P. 78295 San Luis Potosí, S.L.P.


The person of Contact and in charge of the treatment of the data will be the Lic. Mariana Candia Casarín, who has as an email, and / or on the website


Also, any modification to this privacy notice may be consulted in the data described in the previous paragraph and may do so by the following procedure:


1.- Free writing addressed to the Contact which must contain the following:

§ First name

§ Date

§ Address

§ Phone

§ Email

§ Copy of Identification with Photograph.

§ Relationship between the petitioner and the custodian of personal data. (client, authority, employer, etc.)

§ Reasons for the brief and specific request (description)

§ Name and signature


2.- Once the written document with the requirements described above has been received, the person in charge of processing the personal data of the undersigned company indicated in the previous paragraphs will have 10 working days to respond to the request indicating the meaning of the answer in plain language and concrete, trying to solve the reason that generated the writing.


3.- The answer will be given at the address indicated by simple mail and / or by email.


With my signature, I consent and grant the broadest authorization that in law proceeds to CANDIA ZÚÑIGA Y ASOCIADOS, S.C. and / or who is authorized for all the purposes described in this document for the use, treatment of my personal data.


Also, by means of this instrument I indicate that either at my address by simple mail and / or in the email previously granted I can receive any modification to the terms of this authorization, or failing that for any question related to the data of my property and that I have granted the use, where the undersigned accepts that upon receiving the notifications in the aforementioned forms will have the obligation to respond within a period not exceeding 5 working days his refusal to modify, transfer, use of the personal data of property, the not to do it, it will be considered as granted in the affirmative sense said authorization for all the purposes of the notification and the legal ones that are detached from it.






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Av. Chapultepec No.1275

Fracc. Privadas del Pedregal

San Luís Potosí, S.L.P.


Phone  (444) 811-9500/03